Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lessons from IRMA

This is not going to be a lengthy post.  Just some observations in the wake of riding through Hurricane Irma on the east coast of Central Florida.

First thing: I am so grateful for good friends!  Being by myself while the hub is working in Colorado made for exciting preparations!  I confess to grumbling over having to accomplish it all myself! But, it was manageable!

We bought our house nine years ago.  One of the big selling features were the accordion shutters on all the windows, and three big roll-down Rolladens on our back lanai to button up for storms. 

Being on the north fork of the St. Lucie River (a peninsula at that!) gives us wonderful views of the river.  We hardly know we have neighbors; although we do.  Several houses on our lane lead up from our house to the top of the ‘hill’ - if there is such a thing in Florida.

So, after buttoning up the house (which makes my bright and open home feel like a cave! YUCK), I learned they wished those of us in the flood zones to evacuate. 

Fortunately for me, a couple who are among our Shabbat Family live west of town and were going to stay instead of evacuating.  They have a solid home, hurricane impact windows, and an automatic generator should the power go out.  They invited me to stay since I was alone. 

I took them up on it!

It was not terrible at all!  Gusty winds, lots of rain, but I felt snug, and my friends were great company for me. 

The Second Thing: In the sunny and cool aftermath of the storm, aside from standing water and downed limbs and a couple of trees, when Monday came it was as if the storm had never even happened!  What amazed me…orchids were still blooming, birds were chirping, and most amazing of all, butterflies…a LOT of butterflies, were floating around in the clean air! 

It occurred to me: why should we be afraid?  Our Father protects them during the raging storm!  I don’t understand how, but it is all part of His great design.  It was evidence of Him.  His care for All his creatures.  Everything else is just stuff.

Blessed that our home was spared major damage.  A missing downspout, a broken dock, a little water in our garage (the neighbors said there were waves in our driveway!), and a lot of yard debris…that’s it!  Our neighbors at the top of the hill were not so lucky.  A huge tree landed on their home.  I don’t think it penetrated the house, but I hear them clearing it away this morning.  Chainsaws.

Those who know me (and think I am nuts) know that I love the sound of chainsaws.  Why?  My dad was a tree surgeon.  The sound always makes me think of him.  He would have had lots of work to do here in our small town. 

I am Blessed beyond measure to have avoided major damage and flooding.  Thank You, Abba!  My Father who watches over the butterflies.

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